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Photographer Barbie Lindsay, MPAGB, FBPE, EFIAP/s, AWPF
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Peter Benson ARPS, CPAGB, BPE3*

For superb night photography, you will be hard to find better than this man.



I have only just been introduced to this man's work but have become an instant fan. His images will haunt and disturb me for a long time to come. You cannot bear to look but cannot look away either. Pure Photojournalism at its best. See pics on next page


A very talented lady and fortunately for us a fellow 'Beyond Group' member. Her work is fantastic on several levels, the originality coupled with the quality makes this lady a firm favourite of mine. Sorry Chrissie I know the photo doesn't do you justice but as long as its here, the more likely you'll send me a new one. Please view her website, which is still in its early stages so perhaps again this will give her the push needed to finish it.





Probably  my all time favourite photographer must be Marco Pozzi. I adore him and his work, he has such a unique way with the people that he photographs, to which no one else can compare.



David Penprase, a man whose works has become Synonymous with clayclad nudes. David has a distinct style, easily recognisable, each and every image relying upon its photographic content, as they are never titled. >>>

I can thoroughly recommend the book 'Passion, Pleasure and Pain'. 



Steven Le Prevost has a distinct style too and turns photography into an art form. If you like fine art then you'll love Steven's images. >>>


Steve McCurry

Another excellent portrait photographer who manages to capture the sadness & character of the people he photographs. Particularly his Tibetian series. The powerful eye contact and at times rather sad expressions permeating through his images.


Phil & Gwen Charnock

They are the loveliest photographic couple in Britain ......... NO ............ I stand corrected .......... IN THE WORLD! They are brilliant photographers, and excellent speakers, managing to encapsulate a unique, entertaining and humourous slant to their work. Modest ...... until they read this ....... and ultimately fun to be with. Check out just a small sample of their work that has become so inspirational to others. And  Phil's mum 'Margaret', she really rocks .........

& rolls, & tangos...

Check out their website. Not only are they members of 'Wigan 10', world champions in 2006, but they also run courses on how to improve your photographic images. So you know where to go if you want to get help from the best, go to:-



Whether he photographed flowers or people, he managed to capture a unique lasting impression. He is just as controversial in death as he was in life, because he saw no laws or boundaries within art. View Robert's work >>>>






It always seems to be the ones with supreme creative talent that can't handle their talent. (Ok, I'll live forever then, I hear you say). But WHY oh WHY do the best have such personality complexes? Bob Carlos Clark must be one of the best fashion photographers ever to have walked this earth, but he still felt it necessary to top himself by throwing himself under a train. WHY?

Because he was losing his youthful good looks? Nah..... not in my book!  Because he was losing his photographic talent? ...... No way hose!.. Because he was cold, hungry and destitute?  I don't think so... Why do you think? ....

View Bob's work >>>>



Last but not least is my adorable Rusty. Click on his photo below for link immediately to his web site or click Russell Lindsay to see a few examples.

Barbie has been married to the long suffering Rusty Lindsay, AFIAP, MPAGB, ABPE for 21 years.  An eminent photographer in his own right and is often the force and inspiration behind many of Barbie's images, and Barbie thinks the world of him. They each have a different approach to photography whilst at the same time supporting and encouraging each other in their own personal projects. They both work within the photographic industry, although up until very recently they have been working for rival companies. But Rusty has rejoined Barbie once more. This time at 'Van-Cols', a friendly family run Schools Photography business. People ask, 'what do they do for relaxation, the answer is simple.......... PHOTOGRAPHY.