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Top 20 memories

1. My first day at school is still a vivid memory today. Especially the joy and excitement that I felt at the time, and preparing to go.

2. The day I jumped out of an aeroplane to do a solo parachute jump.  

3. Speaking at a Trade Union Convention alongside Arthur Scargill.


4. The day I was sworn in as a magistrate. A role that I fulfilled for 10years.

5. Becoming a member of MENSA with an IQ of 169 in 1989 had the wow factor for me, especially as I left school without ever sitting any GCEs. But having gained them all since, through night school.

6. The Ken & Barbie Photocall. 

  Photograph courtesy Ron Mckay

7. That magical moment when I first saw my 2 beautiful daughters being born. Who have now grown up and left home. 

8. The day I met Rusty and later married (1987), undoubtably the best man in the world.


Photo courtesy of Julie Tese

9. When I won £1,000 in a BT photographic competition..

10. My first ride on my motorbike which incidently coincides with my first traffic accident. I drove straight across the road and into someone's garden hedge.

11. When I represented the winning team 'England' in the FIAP Print Biennial and won an individual silver medal at the same time.

12. My last day at school, when I was full of the excitement of a new life, a career and money of my own. Only to wish I was back at school within weeks.

13. The day that I had tea with the queen at Kensington Palace.

14. My first TV interview, which was so scary!

15. Travelling alone to Russia before the cold war had ended was quite a unique and everlasting experience.

16. Meeting and photographing the Ipswich Town Football players in 2000. 


17. When I climbed the mast of a Thames Barge 'Centaur', during a barge race in order to get a bird's eye photograph of it.

18. Heading a protest march down in Wales.


and visiting the Tower Collery the next day. 


Recognised the blonde yet?

19. Visiting (yes, just visiting) various prison institutions around East Anglia and seeing the day-to-day running of Male & Female prisons, young offenders institutions and an institution for the criminally insane.

20. Midnight, October 12th, 1986 at the Great White Horse Hotel, Ipswich. Don't ask!

21. (I Know, I can't count)  INDIA in 2013 was something else, quite an amazing trip.


Top 20 memories
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